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Quality Policy
JC ELECTRONICS designs and produces products meeting customers' demands rapidly with low cost.
JC ELECTRONICS continuously construcs and improve quality management systems to ensure customers' satisfaction.
Environmental Policy
1. JC Electronics is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its business activities by means of:
  • Reducing the use of resource,
  • Reducing waste,
  • Saving energy,
  • Promoting reuse and recycle, and Preventing soil and water contamination by discharged machine oil and chemicals.
2. JC Electronics strives to improve, on an ongoing basis, its Environmental Management System and Contamination Control System.
3. JC Electronics will continue to protect the environment and dedicate conservation and recovery of ecosystem
   with making consideration of effects on biodiversity.
4. JC Electronics observes environmental laws, regulations and agreements with stakeholders.
5. To promote environmental activities, JC Electronics sets objectives of environmental indicators.
   The objectives are subject to review at regular interval.
6. To enforce this Environmental Policy, JC Electronics lets every employee know the policy by posting printed policy.
7. Environmental Policy is put in writing and disclosed upon third party’s request.
Business Policy
  1. We recognize the importance of environmental problems and strive to manage our business activities
    by balancing social and economic development, and environmental conservation.
  2. We adopt quality suggestions for manufacturing safety and high quality goods.
  3. We recognize that a safe and health work environment enhances the quality of products and services, and worker morale.
JC Electronics Corp. reduces power as environmental initiatives.

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